Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tips For Buying Gold Chains

It is a bit of a cliché but it has been proven and further tested that diamonds are women's best friend. But such 'saying' has evolved a long time ago. There is a new category that has been added to the criteria of the woman's best friend. It now includes gold. One of the most highly recommended gold jewelries as a gift to a woman is jewelry made of gold specifically gold chains. The difficult task lies on how to choose the right ones since there are hundreds of gold chains available in the market. Even women who wanted to buy their own jewelries have difficulty in choosing the types. Do not worry anymore because this article gives you the tips on how to spot the right ones for you and your loved ones without any trouble at all. This article will guide you regardless of your purpose in buying. You may either buy it for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones; these tips will act as your guide.

How much money you have?

If you are filthy rich, you need not dwell on this portion and proceed to the next. But if you are otherwise, you have to read this one. Gold is a very expensive commodity because it belongs to the category of precious stones that rarely go out of commerce. That is why if you want to purchase a gold jewelry as a gift for someone else or for yourself you need to look at your budget. The choice of the gold chain that you will be purchasing will definitely depend on your budget. If you do not have enough money to purchase one you can easily go to a jewelry store that offers 'lay-away' program as an alternative. This means that you can purchase precious stones on an installment basis but cannot get the item unless you have fully paid it.

What Karat?

A karat is very important when purchasing gold because the karat determines the gold content of a gold chain. The more karat in it the more expensive it is. On the other hand, the more karat in a gold means the fewer alloy in it. Alloy helps the jewelry more durable because without the alloy the gold cannot be formed into jewelry.

Who will wear it?

Are you buying it for yourself or for someone else? This is important because the design of a gold chain must be based on the personality of the one who will wear it. It does not really matter even if it contains 24karat gold or a very expensive one if the wearer does not like the design. You can choose designs ranging from simple, classy, elegant, vintage, artistic, sleek or personalized. You can also choose gold chains with pendant or not.

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